Lou Finocchiaro Game Notes - Mountain West Week 15

Louis Finocchiaro - CFB Week 15 (0-0-1) Overall: 3-7-1(30% ATS)

Photo Courtesy: Travis Register - 247 Sports

Game: Hawaii @ Boise State (-14)

Selection: Hawaii (+14)

Score: Hawaii 10 - Boise State 31

Result: L

Notes: It's been a poor Mountain west season no doubt but today we go out with a bang! Boise St. is the power and class of this division as well they NEED to run it up in order to make a better bowl on top of that EVERYONE and their Mama is playing them. I got a theory about 'Everybody' and it's that 'Everybody' is usually wrong. Today we go contrarian and I would advise that waiting until right before kick-off will get you the extra half point! Hawaii +14


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