Deriving Profitability From Money Line Wagering

Sharp: Lou Finocchiaro

Wagering on the UFC, like Baseball, Hockey and other sports which utilize a money line is different than investing in football, basketball and wagering events that utilize a point spread. Most bettors understand the nuances of point spread wagering but it's important to take a minute here and explain MY money line betting philosophy and how I utilize it to over time produce bottom line profitability.

With a point spread its understood that one must realize a winning percentage of roughly 53% in order to turn a profit but can be far different with moneyline wagering. The best example I can provide you is a real life one. Take one look at my lifetime UFC results and one may see that my lifetime record to date is:

408-504 44.74% win rate +10,377 units with a +12.28 ROI as of 11-12-2019.

These numbers are important to digest as any potential SAS purchaser must understand that I am realizing return on a roughly 45% winning pace.

A closer look at the numbers reveals that the average winning price on fighters I have released in the six or seven years I have been keeping these detailed records is +1.49….so it's clear that my success in wagering on money line sports is based almost exclusively on underdog wagering.

In football a bettor may realize a 1-1 result and lose 10%. In the UFC, it's possible to realize that same 1-1 result yet (using +1.49) realize a net profit of .49 of a unit.

I spell this out to forewarn SAS clients that deriving profit in sports betting is a long-term business plan as I attack it so I'll serve you best if your approach to the UFC is with a long-term mindset.

If your goal is to invest with me for one card and try to break the bank, I will save you your money right now because that is not how I work.

Realizing profitability in money line wagering requires undertaking the proper due diligence to earn advantage over the market, it then requires an ultra-selective approach to wagers then finally a precision-based monitoring system to calculate accrued profitability.

Please also note: On occasion I'll release a selection a week or two prior to a fight or in some (most) cases after the weigh-ins some hours prior to the fight.

When wagering on underdogs it's almost a rule to wait until the last minute to realize the best price possible and I'll discuss that in the ‘notes' section where my individual selections will be displayed.

It's important to take a Businesslike approach to Profitable Sports Gaming and the SAS pricing structure is set up to offer clients great value when purchasing multiple fight cards.

I run UFC gaming strictly as a business and if you work with me it will be a profitable business for you as well.

Lastly, if you are new to this and wish to monitor my results for a few weeks prior to jumping in I invite you to simply go to the SAS or webpage after each UFC event. There you'll be able to review my releases and monitor my results. Also, my e mail is, I'll answer any questions ad explain anything I do to inquiring minds.


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