Brad Feinberg Game Notes - CFB Week 13

Brad Feinberg - CFB Week 13 (4-3) Overall: 24-14-1 (63% ATS)

Photo Courtesy: New York Times

Game: Penn State @ Ohio State (-18.5)

Selection: Penn State (+18.5)

Score: Penn State 17 - Ohio State 28

Result: W

Notes: Anyone who has been following my picks all year, knows that I have been fading Penn State constantly, and unfortunately not profitably. I have found them to be one of the most over rated teams in the nation..... until now. Here is a spot I think they are being under valued. Ohio State has been incredibly dominant. I admit, there is nothing more they possibly could have done this year. They are covering their games, not winning, but covering their games by over 20 pts a game, but they truly have not faced a schedule of any decency at all. Yes they beat Wisconsin, but I think Penn State is better than Wisconsin and Penn State has made Ohio State sweat in every game the past 3 years with each game being decided by 3 pts or fewer. Penn St QB Clifford is no Justin Fields, but he is an above average college qb who I believe can hold his own in this spot. I fully expect Ohio State to come out on top and win this game. But my number was 14 and we are taking 18.5. I say Ohio State wins by 11-14. Nittany Lions +18.5 is the play.

Game: Michigan State @ Rutgers (+20.5)

Selection: Michigan State (-20.5)

Score: Michigan State 27 - Rutgers 0

Result: W

Notes: I know how bad this Michigan state is. Trust me, I know. But as brutal as they are, Rutgers is in a whole different stratosphere of brutal. When I turn on the game it's always Rutgers 0 and their opponent 28 in the 2nd qtr. I made this line 26. To get it at less than 3 TD, I have no choice but to bite on Michigan State. Motivation certainly a factor and I can get pinched on that aspect, but going to take my chances. Spartans -20.5 is the play.

Game: Michigan @ Indiana (+10)

Selection: Indiana (+10)

Score: Michigan 39 - Indiana 14

Result: L

Notes: Last week I told you Michigan was the most improved team in the nation and we took them -13.5 vs Michigan State. Well Indiana is a far better team than Michigan State and Michigan is laying 10? That's crazy. I made Michigan -5.5 in my power ratings. 10 is an absolute gift here. Indiana QB Peyton Ramsey is playing great football and I believe he will be good enough to score points vs Michigan. I expect this to be a closely contested 1 score game that comes down to the 4th qtr. In that type of game give me the dog. Hoosiers +10 is the play

Game: Oregon State @ Washington State (-10.5)

Selection: Washington State (-10.5)

Score: Oregon State 53 - Washington State 54

Result: L

Notes: Washington St QB Anthony Gordon is my favorite most unheralded great player in the nation. Outside of guys like Tua, Lawrence, and Burrow, I think he is in that next echelon of top QB. Oregon St has far exceeded expectations this year. Their season win total was only 2.5 and they already have 5 wins. But I know Washington State is going to score a ton of points against this team, I know it. Mid 40's or higher. And I don't think the beavers will be able to keep up with Gordon at that pace. I see a 45-27 kinda game. Cougars -10.5 is the play.


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